Summit Overview

The 2021 Dask Distributed Summit will be a three-day event with live Talks, Tutorials, and Workshops via Zoom to help attendees learn how to address their biggest analytics problems with Dask.

Presentations will be given live with question and answer sessions to facilitate a more engaging experience and a deeper discussion. Presentations will come in a variety of formats, such as workshops, talks, and panel discussions to create diverse learning experiences. 

After the Summit has finished, presentations will be posted on YouTube for continued viewing.


Talks are 30-minute sessions including time for Q&A. A talk is a short presentation that is aiming to convince someone to part with 30 minutes of their time in order to learn about something. 


Tutorials are 90 minutes hands-on sessions where you have the opportunity to lead a virtual classroom so attendees can learn about a new skill/library/technology in a self-contained way, and have said materials available to students before-hand so they can follow suit. 


Workshops are two hour sessions focussed on a theme.  They are intended to give a Dask sub-community a space to assemble and focus.  Themes from previous Dask summits have included topics like deployment, geosciences, GPUs, imaging, and data file formats.

It is expected that these workshops will include a mix of invited speakers and could be one of several formats:

  • Series of invited talks 
  • Panel discussion + Q&A
  • Working session

Trivia and Fireside chats

Join us for Trivia Night! We will be conducting a team-based trivia exercise with multiple categories. Show off your knowledge and learn something new, check the schedule so you don’t miss it!

Fireside chats are opportunities for attendees to mingle and discuss their thoughts following talks and presentations in an open-ended forum. Feel free to ask questions, mingle, and network using our Gathertown platform.

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are a great way to learn something new in a short period of time! These 5-10 minute micro talks offer attendees a brief deep dive into a topic with a Q&A session afterwards.