Deploy JupyterHub with Dask Gateway on Kubernetes in 15 minutes

Amit Kumar, Adam Lewis

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Deploying and maintaining a Dask+JupyterHub cluster on the Cloud is a very difficult task. Throw Kubernetes in there and it can all get overwhelming quite fast. With that challenge in mind, we decided to built a new open source platform that uses Infrastructure-as-Code to handle and simplify such deployments. We call it: QHub.


In this talk, I will show how QHub allows teams and individuals to build scalable data science environments under 15 minutes, deploying them to multiple Cloud providers. Combining Terraform, Helm, Github Actions and Dask Gateway, QHub provides automated infrastructure as code that allows continuous deployment on scalable data science projects, easy to share and collaborate with. Our goal is to provide small and medium teams with the ability to provision and manage a JupyterHub clusters effectivelly without a DevOps team in a cost effective manner.