21 May 17:00 – 21 May 17:30 in Talks

The Dask JupyterLab extension

Ian Rose

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The Dask JupyterLab extension provides integration between Dask and JupyterLab. I will show how to use the JupyterLab panel system to create custom layouts for the distributed dashboards, as well as how to use the integrated Dask cluster manager to start, stop, and customize your dask clusters. I will finish with ideas for how people with either Dask or frontend experience could contribute.


The Dask JupyterLab extension integrates Dask with JupyterLab, a browser-based interactive computing environment. It can be used in both local and distributed workflows, and with any flavor of Dask cluster. In this talk, I will cover the following topics with live demos:

I will close out by discussing opportunities for community members to contribute new features to the extension, including by people with either Dask or Javascript experience.