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Grant Gelven

Grant is a Staff Data Scientist at Walmart Global Tech where he develops and operates intelligent applications to help Walmart customers and associates live better. His current applied research interests include representation learning, finite-sample expressivity of neural networks, and ML operations. Following the “10,000 hour rule”, Grant is also considered an expert in high-energy astrophysics, computational fluid dynamics, billiards, and poker (though admittedly he could train an RL agent in a weekend to beat himself at the latter). He has contributed to numerous publications and holds patents a dozen countries in the North America, Europe, and Asia. He earned a Masters of Physics from Washington University in St. Louis and a Bachelors of Mathematics and Physics from Missouri State University.


Keynote: Clusters of Clusters: Using Dask Distributed to Scale Enterprise Machine Learning Systems

19 May 13:00 – 19 May 14:00 in Talks, Tutorials / Workshops 2, Tutorials / Workshops 1