Richard Zamora

Richard Zamora is a Senior Systems Software Engineer on the RAPIDS team at NVIDIA.  After earning his PhD at Cornell University, he began his career in the Theoretical Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and eventually moved into high-performance software engineering.  Richard is currently working to improve the performance and scalability of distributed-GPU ETL, and is a frequent contributor to Dask-Dataframe.


NVTabular: Building a Dask-based Library for Recommender-System Data Pipelines

19 May 19:30 – 19 May 20:00 in Talks

High-Performance Data Access for Dask

21 May 14:00 – 21 May 16:00 in Tutorials / Workshops 2

Doing Nothing Poorly: Accelerating Dask Scheduling

21 May 18:00 – 21 May 20:00 in Tutorials / Workshops 2