Tisham Dhar

Tish is an expert at building software for large-scale data processing particularly satellite and airborne sensor data. He has been awarded innovation and commercialization award for building high resolution 3D city capture product and has worked for various space agencies including NASA, scientific research organizations and in commercial research. Tisham originally grew up in Kenya and left for his studies, eventually returning to work on a logistics startup and other projects. Tish is a regular speaker at open-source technology conferences addressing the intersection of software design and hardware design. Currently he wrangles containers and Kubernetes clusters for Digital Earth Australia and Africa making analysis ready satellite imagery accessible to everyone.


Dask Down Under: Dask DevOps for Remote Sensing

19 May 01:30 – 19 May 02:00 in Tutorials / Workshops 2

Dask Down Under: Panel Discussion

19 May 03:30 – 19 May 04:30 in Tutorials / Workshops 2

Dask Down Under