Oksana Shadura

I am a software engineer, employed by University Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, and based at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneve, Switzerland. My work-related interest is the design and development of an interactive analysis facility (using Kubernetes/JupyterHub/Dask) for the high-energy physics community. One of the goals of the research is to explore a facility's integration with existing distributed systems and data delivery services and test scaling with modern analysis frameworks, allowing users access to a wider Python ecosystem, as well as novel programming paradigms.

Another area of my expertise is I/O development for the high-energy physics community. I got my Ph.D. in 2019, funded by a scholarship at CERN and working on the topic: "Stochastic optimization of the performance of a particle transport simulation package in High Energy Physics".


Challenges Designing Interactive Analysis Facilities with Dask

19 May 14:00 – 19 May 14:30 in Talks

Dask in High-Energy Physics community

21 May 16:00 – 21 May 18:00 in Tutorials / Workshops 1