Hugo Bowne-Anderson

I'm a data scientist, writer, educator & podcaster. My interests include promoting data & AI literacy/fluency, helping to spread data skills through organizations and society and lowering the barrier to entry for data science, analysis, and machine learning. I am currently Head of Marketing and Data Science Evangelism at Coiled, where we build solutions for scalable data science and machine learning in Python. I was previously at DataCamp, a data science training company educating over 4 million learners worldwide through interactive courses on the use of Python, R, SQL, Git, Bash and Spreadsheets in a data science context. While there, I spearheaded the development of over 25 courses in DataCamp’s Python curriculum, impacting over 250,000 learners worldwide through my own courses. I hosted and produced the data science podcast DataFramed, in which I used long-format interviews with working data scientists to delve into what actually happens in the space and what impact it can and does have.


Dask for Everyone with Coiled

19 May 22:00 – 19 May 22:30 in Talks

Dask Down Under: Panel Discussion

19 May 03:30 – 19 May 04:30 in Tutorials / Workshops 2

Dask Down Under