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Dask scales Python for data science and machine learning. Coiled makes it easy to scale on the cloud.

Data Science Evangelist

As a Data Science Evangelist at Coiled, you’ll be the connective tissue between our product, the open source community, and Pythonic data scientists, engineers, and machine learning scientists worldwide. You will evangelize and advocate for Python, Dask, and Coiled and will play an integral role in bringing open source software to organizations and the enterprise.

OSS Engineer

This role will also ensure that Coiled customers are effective in their use of Dask to scale Python. You will interact with users (both community and clients), engage in team prioritization, and work to implement fixes and features to improve the experience and capabilities of the Python ecosystem, verifying that those fixes resolve user needs.

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

In this role, you will help to deploy and manage parallel Python (Dask) deployments in a cloud setting. You will work primarily on the cloud infrastructure that our applications manage: multi-cloud networks, cross-account permissions, secure data access, load balancing, and more.

Front-End Engineer

This role will be responsible for the design and build of real-time visualizations for analytical (Python + Dask) applications deployed in a cloud setting. You will take charge of the UI and help build the back-end — from visual design to browser-based application architecture to data streaming format.

Junior Full-Stack Engineer

Maybe the other engineering roles sound great, but you’re not sure that you have enough experience. First, we encourage you to apply to those roles anyway. We’re happy to consider junior and senior candidates in each position. If you’re still unsure, please apply here!

Prefect‘s workflow orchestration platform bridges the gap between data engineers and data scientists, allowing them to do what they do best.

Senior Frontend Software Engineer

As a Senior Frontend Software Engineer at Prefect, you will work on and lead projects that directly impact our users and customers, allowing them to gain insight into their workflows in real time. Our UI is the main interface for users, and as such needs to be highly optimized and performant, designed with the ability to handle and visualize millions of data points simultaneously.

Senior Solutions Engineer

As a Senior Solutions Engineer at Prefect, you will be a primary contact with our customers. You will own the technical relationship and be responsible for their success. You will find a balance of providing them with solutions using existing functionality and advocating on their behalf by supporting their use cases during our internal product planning sessions.

Senior Backend Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer at Prefect, you will work on and lead projects critical to the success of the company. You will focus on scaling our API with expert knowledge of databases and in-memory datastore systems. These systems need to provide extremely low latency to support high throughput of requests that orchestrate events in real time.

makepath is a geospatial data science company with a specialty in full-stack application development and beautiful and engaging data visualizations. We are passionate about the open source ecosystem and contribute to many ongoing projects. makepath was founded by Brendan Collins and Pablo Fuentes in Austin, Texas.

Director of Data Science

We are looking for a skilled technical leader to head up our remote team of data scientists and software developers. The ideal candidate will have experience building out a data science team and be familiar with the open source software ecosystem.

Full Stack Developer

As a Full Stack Developer at makepath you will build software to help our clients solve complex problems. We are looking for someone who can think clearly in spatial terms and is willing to work on unfamiliar problems and not give up till they find the right solution. A willingness to learn and evolve is essential.

GIS Analyst

An aptitude to think spatially is a key part of this job. You will serve as a GIS expert and work with a talented team of data scientists and software developers. A big part of the role will be to use open source GIS tools to turn geospatial data in various forms into engaging, beautiful maps and visualizations to help clients glean important insights from their geospatial data.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

The ideal Senior ML Engineer will be familiar commonly used open source data science libraries. It is essential that they have several years of experience building machine learning methodologies, defining data science models and following the decisions concerning the architecture, writing technical documentation and guiding junior ML engineers.

Bokeh Developer / Contributor (TypeScript / Python / Data Science)

As a Bokeh Developer at makepath, you will be working as an active contributor to the Bokeh open source library, being in the development front line with the core developers. The focus of the job will be to develop reusable visualization components and actively contribute to the ongoing adoption and implementation of frameworks, standards, and new technologies.

With more than 25 million users, Anaconda is the world’s most popular data science platform and the foundation of modern machine learning. We pioneered the use of Python for data science, champion its vibrant community, and continue to steward open-source projects that make tomorrow’s innovations possible.

Senior Software Engineer

Anaconda is seeking a talented Senior Software Engineer. This is an excellent opportunity for you to leverage your experience and skills and apply it to the world of data science and machine learning.

MetroStar is a leading digital and IT services provider for the public sector. For over two decades, our people have powered innovation by maintaining an unwavering commitment to putting people at the center of every solution. The solutions we develop integrate Human-Centered Design, DevOps, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and AI/ML capabilities to provide seamless delivery from ideation to production with no lapse in service. We are transforming the way data is disseminated for our customers by providing faster and more cost-effective deliveries.

Data Scientist

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist that is passionate about research, design, develop, and test various AI/ML frameworks and models. You’re a great fit if you understand end-end delivery of automation/AI use cases from pilot/design to release, and if you have experience in defining, designing, and train models for use in the isomorphic and production models.

Lead AI Evangelist

Are you a Python fanatic? Do you want to be part of a diverse cross-functional team to identify and prioritize key areas of focus for Machine Learning, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, and other cognitive solutions that will drive significant differentiation? Come be a game changer and join our team!

DevOps Engineer

MetroStar is looking for a DevOps Engineer that is passionate about delivering secure and reliable software to customers. You’re a great fit if you have experience using Terraform or other technologies to automate software deployments. If you’re interested in Authentication, Identity, and Security, and are familiar with cloud providers e.g. AWS, Azure, or GCP.

Quansight is an open source software consulting company focused on python data engineering and analysis. Our experts provide development, support and training services to help organizations succeed with open source.

Cloud Infrastructure / Devops Engineer

Responsible for working with infrastructure deployed on AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Azure and in some cases on-premises. These deployments will range from cloud kubernetes deployments of JupyterHub and Dask gateway to on-premises hpc clusters.

Python Backend Developer

We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated Python Backend Developer with extensive experience in Cudf (GPU experience), Pandas, Dask, AWS DevOps, and Prefect.

Senior Scientific Software Developer / Tech Lead

A key member of our senior team solving problems for our clients using tools from the Python open-source ecosystem. Help translate business requirements to software architecture and technical implementation.

Software Engineer – Distributed Computing – Dask

Have you noticed Python’s explosion in data science and machine learning and tools like Dask? Help support this community and build out the future of scalable computing in Python.

Software Engineer – open source – C++ & PyTorch

We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly-motivated software engineer with an interest and experience in numerical and high-performance computing to join the Quansight team.