19 May 03:30 – 19 May 04:30 in Tutorials / Workshops 2

Dask Down Under: Panel Discussion

Genevieve Buckley, Ben Leighton, Draga Doncila Pop, Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Tisham Dhar

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We hope this panel discussion will start a conversation about using Dask in Australia, how we build our community, contribute and stay in touch with the rest of the world


This panel discussion will bring together a diverse group of users from novice to expert, academic to commercial.

Meet out panelists:

Ben Leighton, CSIRO

Ben is a data engineer and generalist with diverse experience across environmental informatics and scientific computing. Recently he has been using Dask, Python and the EASI data science platform https://research.csiro.au/cceo/underpinning-technologies/earth-analytics/ to process large amounts of identify landscape change via large amounts of satellite imagery, classify landscapes using Dask and scikit-learn, and mix image processing algorithms with Dask to figure out vegetation shape and proximity to help understand fire behaviour. https://summit.dask.org/speaker/profile/70/benleighton/

Genevieve Buckley, Dask life science fellow

Genevieve Buckley is a scientist and programmer based in Melbourne Australia. She builds software tools for scientific discovery. Her interests include deep learning, automated analysis, and contributing to open source projects. She has a wealth of professional experience with image processing and analysis, spanning x-ray imaging, fluorescence microscopy, and electron beam microscopy. She is a maintainer for the dask-image project, and the napari image viewer. https://summit.dask.org/speaker/profile/7/genevieve-buckley/

Tisham Dhar, GeoScience Australia

Tish is an expert at building software for large-scale data processing particularly satellite and airborne sensor data. He has been awarded innovation and commercialization award for building high resolution 3D city capture product and has worked for various space agencies including NASA, scientific research organizations and in commercial research. Tisham originally grew up in Kenya and left for his studies, eventually returning to work on a logistics startup and other projects. Tish is a regular speaker at open-source technology conferences addressing the intersection of software design and hardware design. Currently he wrangles containers and Kubernetes clusters for Digital Earth Australia and Africa making analysis ready satellite imagery accessible to everyone. https://summit.dask.org/speaker/profile/72/tisham-dhar/

Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Coiled

Hugo Bowne-Anderson is a data scientist, writer, educator & podcaster. My interests include promoting data & AI literacy/fluency, helping to spread data skills through organizations and society and lowering the barrier to entry for data science, analysis, and machine learning. I am currently Head of Marketing and Data Science Evangelism at Coiled, where we build solutions for scalable data science and machine learning in Python. I was previously at DataCamp, a data science training company educating over 4 million learners worldwide through interactive courses on the use of Python, R, SQL, Git, Bash and Spreadsheets in a data science context. While there, I spearheaded the development of over 25 courses in DataCamp’s Python curriculum, impacting over 250,000 learners worldwide through my own courses. I hosted and produced the data science podcast DataFramed, in which I used long-format interviews with working data scientists to delve into what actually happens in the space and what impact it can and does have. https://summit.dask.org/speaker/profile/78/hugo-bowne-anderson/

Moderator: Draga Doncila Pop

Draga is a recent graduate from Monash University with a Bachelor of Computer Science. Her areas of interest lie at the intersection of computer science and its applications to research in a variety of disciplines. So far her research work has focused on microimaging and remote sensing image visualization and analysis. She is particularly passionate about open source development and open research. She is currently teaching Computer Science and working part time as a contractor on napari - an open source n-dimensional image visualizer. https://summit.dask.org/speaker/profile/99/draga-doncila-pop/