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Dask Summit

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19 May 01:00 Interactive visualization and near real-time analysis on out-of-core satellite images Speaker Draga Doncila Pop
19 May 01:30 Dask Down Under: Dask DevOps for Remote Sensing Tisham Dhar
19 May 02:00 Dask Down Under: Patterns for large scale temporal processing of geo-spatial data using Dask Kirill Kouzoubov
19 May 02:30


19 May 03:30 Dask Down Under: Panel Discussion Genevieve Buckley, Ben Leighton, Draga Doncila Pop, Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Tisham Dhar
19 May 04:30


19 May 05:30

Dask Down Under: Introduction to xarray and Dask (Tutorial) Nick Mortimer

19 May 07:30


19 May 13:00 Keynote: Clusters of Clusters: Using Dask Distributed to Scale Enterprise Machine Learning Systems Grant Gelven
19 May 14:00 Challenges Designing Interactive Analysis Facilities with Dask Oksana Shadura Hacking Dask: Diving Into Dask’s Internals Julia Signell, James Bourbeau Dask SQL Query Engines Nils Braun, , Han Wang, Mike Klaczynski, Miles Adkins, Tom Drabas
19 May 14:30 (Memorable) Lessons of running an always-on Dask Cluster Tatiana Statsenko, Alexander Hirner
19 May 15:00 Transforming Terabytes of healthcare data with Dask and Kubeflow pipeline Michael Sebbah, Anthony Dubois, KRIEF David, Yoann Janvier
19 May 15:30 Advanced data transformation pipeline for AI portfolio management Michael Sebbah, Noureddine Boumlaik, Philippe Cotte
19 May 16:00 An Introduction to Memory Spilling Mads R. B. Kristensen

Deploying Dask Jacob Tomlinson, Adam Lewis, Amit Kumar, Anderson Banihirwe, Brad Miro, Nanthini Balasubramanian


Dask-Yarn: Scaling Distributed Dask Applications on a Hadoop Cluster Brad Miro

Deploy JupyterHub with Dask Gateway on Kubernetes in 15 minutes Amit Kumar, Adam Lewis

Dask on Kubernetes Jacob Tomlinson

Native cloud deployments with Dask-cloudprovider Nanthini Balasubramanian

19 May 16:30
19 May 17:00 Logging for scientific computing: debugging, performance, Dask Itamar Turner-Trauring
19 May 17:30

Social Event: Quiz Night Kathleen Burnett, Anywhere League

19 May 18:00 Pangeo Tom Augspurger, Anderson Banihirwe, Paige E. Martin
19 May 18:30 Using Dask for real time feedback in a data wrangling web application Luis Aguirre, Argenis Leon
19 May 19:00 Analyzing particle physics data in the scientific python ecosystem Nicholas Smith
19 May 19:30 NVTabular: Building a Dask-based Library for Recommender-System Data Pipelines Richard Zamora
19 May 20:00 Keynote: Reimagining Science Chelle Gentemann
19 May 21:00 Hyperparameter Optimization using Dask with Oríon Xavier Bouthillier
19 May 21:30 Metagraph: An Adventure in Types, Heterogenous Hardware, and Compilers in Dask Stanley Seibert
19 May 22:00 Dask for Everyone with Coiled Hugo Bowne-Anderson
19 May 22:30 Record linkage on a SLURM cluster with Dask Sultan Orazbayev
19 May 23:00

Dask Summit

  Talks Tutorials / Workshops 1 Tutorials / Workshops 2
19 May 23:00

Life science workshop Interactive Discussion

20 May 00:00


20 May 01:00 Characterizing vegetation patch proximity and size across Australia with skimage and dask map overla Ben Leighton, Kimberley Opie
20 May 01:30 Making the most of your schedule: From HPC to Local Cluster Nick Mortimer, Paul Branson
20 May 02:00


20 May 03:00

Dask Down Under: Meet and greet / bring a problem Social

20 May 04:30


20 May 05:30

Dask Down Under: Marine Heatwave code (Tutorial) Nick Mortimer

20 May 07:30


20 May 08:00

Life science workshop Interactive Discussion

20 May 09:00


20 May 10:00

Social Event: Quiz Night Kathleen Burnett, Anywhere League

20 May 11:00

Scalable geospatial data analysis with Dask

Joris Van den Bossche, Martin Fleischmann, Julia Signell


Demo of dask-geopandas - Joris Van den Bossche

spatialpandas - Jon Mease

Datashader for visualizing geospatial data - Jim Bednar

Use cases: Stefanie Lumnitz - GEDI data for biomass estimation, Anita Graser - movement data, Dani Arribas-Bel - areal interpolation

Partitioning of spatial data - Martin Fleischmann + dicussion

IO - brief overview of current possibilities + open discussion about what is needed

20 May 11:30 Active Memory Management on Dask.distributed Guido Imperiale
20 May 12:00 Scaling Pandas using Dask: How to avoid all my mistakes Krishan Bhasin
20 May 12:30 Standardizing the Model Development and Approval Process Joe Wolfe, Ryan Soley
20 May 13:00

Keynote Peter Wang and Travis Oliphant

20 May 14:00 Dask in HPC Anderson Banihirwe, Guillaume Eynard-Bontemps

Dask in Finance Workshop Mike McCarty

Presentations Deploying and adapting Dask at Two Sigma

Cindy Ge, Elaine Jiang Using dask for large systems of financial models

Jonathan Moore, Menghan Chen Universal Scalable Custom Estimators

Andrew Mshar Rubicon

Ryan Soley

20 May 14:30 How Distributed LightGBM on Dask Works James Lamb
20 May 15:00 mlforecast: Scalable machine learning based time series forecasting José Morales
20 May 15:30 Scalable geospatial data analysis with Dask Tom Augspurger
20 May 16:00 Architectures for Scalable Analytic Dashboards in Python with Dask Distributed and Dash Jon Mease Scale Machine Learning Code with Dask Andrew Mshar, Ryan Soley Using GPUs to Accelerate Data Science with Dask + RAPIDS Jacob Schmitt
20 May 16:30
20 May 17:30

Lightning Talks

20 May 18:00


20 May 18:30 Bringing Dask to High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters and Grids Jenna Lau-Caruso, Michael Feiman Bringing Dask Workloads to GPUs with RAPIDS Benjamin Zaitlen, Nick Becker
20 May 19:00 Dask-on-Ray: Using Dask for Large-scale Data Processing on Ray Clark Zinzow
20 May 19:30
20 May 20:00 Keynote: Design Principles of Distributed Systems Holden Karau
20 May 21:00

Dask Summit

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21 May 12:30 Dark Energy with Dask: Analyzing data from the Next Generation of Large Astronomical Surveys Michael Wood-Vasey
21 May 13:00 Keynote: Dask & Prefect for Healthcare Machine Learning on AWS Joe Schmid, Jie Lou
21 May 14:00 Training PyTorch models faster with Dask Scott Sievert Radio Astronomy Applications with Dask Simon Perkins, Jan-Willem Steeb, Jonathan Kenyon, Landman Bester, Lexy A. L. Andati, Ruby Van Rooyen, Tim Cornwell, SKA project High-Performance Data Access for Dask Martin Durant, Joris Van den Bossche, Richard Zamora
21 May 14:30 Using Dask to Finetune Geo-Raster Analysis Brendan Collins
21 May 15:00 Dask DataFrame groupby. Why it can fail and how to compensate. Hugo Shi

Life science workshop Interactive Discussion

21 May 15:30 Using Dask and many GPUs to train a neural network with PyTorch Jacqueline Nolis
21 May 16:00 100GB/s GPU log analytics at Graphistry: A case study and production lessons on tuning dask-cudf Leo Meyerovich Dask in High-Energy Physics community Oksana Shadura, Lukas Heinrich Xarray User Forum Deepak Cherian, Anderson Banihirwe
21 May 16:30 GPU-accelerated Streaming @ Scale using Dask Chinmay Chandak
21 May 17:00 The Dask JupyterLab extension Ian Rose
21 May 17:30 Capital One uses Dask! Dan Kerrigan
21 May 18:00 An Intro to Workflow Management with Prefect Kevin Kho Doing Nothing Poorly: Accelerating Dask Scheduling Benjamin Zaitlen, Benjamin Zaitlen, Gil Forsyth, James Bourbeau, John Kirkham, Mads R. B. Kristensen, Matt Rocklin, Richard Zamora
21 May 18:30 Scale model training in minutes with Dask + Rapids on GCP AI Platform Remy Welch
21 May 19:00
21 May 20:00